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Services With my personal approach, I will regularly visit your office and work with you so that I can have a greater understanding of your business and financial goals. Unlike other firms, your work will not be handled or managed by staff accountants, I personally take pride in your financial prosperity and success. Mr. Dorigatti offers the following services: Advanced Income Tax Planning and Preparation Experienced business consulting and advisory Qualified Business Valuations Entity design and organization Technical Estate Planning Specialized Tax Research Retirement & Financial Planning Real Estate Tax Consulting Business acquisitions, divestitures, and mergers Divorce Impact Consulting Representation Before the Internal Revenue Service Accounting and regulatory compliance More about our services: Tax planning and advisory Striving to save you unnecessary tax dollars is the very essence of our practice. We insist on taking an active role in implementing comprehensive and practical initiatives. Anticipating the consequence of your decisions is imperative and leaving direction to chance too costly. We have learned to use the word impossible with the greatest of caution. Explore.... Exhaust.... Structure.... and Action. Tax preparation and compliance The technical nature of income tax regulations and the complexity of each unique situation- demands a continual perspective to procedures and the most intrinsic professional software. Without exception, every resource available is intensively utilized. And each tax return is contemplated under several scenarios with articulate care- optimizing opportunities for the ultimate answer. Every question deserves an unprecedented answer. Business consulting and solutions In competitive business, there are two sides to every question and the secret weapon is calculated intelligence. Discovering solutions demands creativity, knowledge and practical experience. And success is exclusive to those who make the next to the last mistake. We accredit our client's achievements and prosperity to the practical implementation of concrete answers. Sometimes all it takes is a tiny shift of perspective to see something familiar in a totally new light. The imperative prerequisite: we must know and understand you.... even what isn't being said. Accounting, quarterlies, and regulatory administration Financial records and regulatory compliance are the realities of business; and should come at a minimal cost. Demand more than your figures just being placed on a printed page or something to place in your filing cabinet. Expect your advisor to use this information to provide you with meaningful direction. Realize there is an exception to almost every rule; and taking advantage of these opportunities is imperative. If you feel like you are just another number to your accountant - we are available.
"lposa scienta potesta est" (knowledge is power) Latin
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