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The Dorigatti Philosophy

In competitive business, there are always two sides to every question and success is exclusive to those who make the next to the last mistake. Discovering solutions demands creativity, knowledge, and intelligent decisions. We accredit our clients achievements and prosperity to the practical implementation of concrete answers. Sometimes all it takes is a tiny shift in perspective to see something familiar in a totally new light. Saving you unnecessary tax dollars is the very essence of our practice. We insist on taking an active role in implementing comprehensive and practical initiatives. Anticipating consequences of your decisions is imperative and leaving issues to chance too costly. We have learned to use the word impossible with the greatest of caution. Our tax returns are contemplated under several scenarios with articulate care; optimizing opportunities for the ultimate solution. Every question deserves an answer and making your numbers work for you is important. Prerequisite: we must know and understand you.... even what hasn't been said.

Income Tax Specialists & Business Consultants

"Quis Custodiet lpsos Custode" (who will guard the guards) - from the Latin Satires of Juvenal
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